I was recently asked about how to welcome out-of-town wedding guests and what the proper etiquette is… It is your job, as the couple to welcome your visiting guests because they are spending time and money traveling to attend your wedding, it is just “plain, old” proper etiquette, my friends! And, it isn’t very difficult to do either. You want to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible for them to have an enjoyable visit.Majority of the time you will have some, if not all wedding guests (depending on the wedding destination) traveling from out-of-town and you need to welcome these guests with a few essential details that I am going to share with you today!

1. One of the simplest and useful things you could do for your guests is to provide a wedding itinerary!! Let them know everything that’s going on, locations, times, what to wear, who is hosting the events, etc. You can either send this out on an adorably designed card after the invitation is mailed out and/or provide this information on your wedding website. Let them know hotel details, car rentals, suggest things to do or see in their spare time in between events… And, if these guests are hopping on a flight to get to your wedding location, they probably will make a mini-vacation out of it, so it is even nice to give them a little travel guide!

2. Welcome Bags!!! These welcome gifts can be put together easily and can fit into any couple’s wedding budget! You will need to get a list from your hotel of how many guests have booked rooms in your room block and/or find out from your guests where they are staying so you can drop-off your welcome bags for the hotel management to place in each room. These welcome bags should coincide with the location or your wedding style… find fun items that come from the surrounding area, for example a wedding in Rhode Island you may place some Del’s Lemonade in your welcome bags. Items should consist of another copy of your wedding itinerary, travel guide/map, a couple of beverages (non-alcoholic or alcoholic), a snack or treat, recovery kit (Advil, Emergen-c, etc.), a welcome or thank you note and lastly any important phone numbers, this is where you can give guests a family member’s and/or the wedding planner’s phone number for wedding related questions.

3. The night of the rehearsal dinner… It is typical that you would invite your out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner even though it isn’t obligatory. If you do not have it in the budget to invite your out-of-town guests to dinner you still need to plan some kind gathering or cocktail party while you and your wedding party are rehearsing or at dinner, a friend or family member might offer to host this.

4. A post-wedding brunch is definitely a must!! A brunch is the perfect send-off before everyone bids farewell and a more relaxed way to spend those last moments and reminisce of last night’s wedding festivities.

I hope these tips help you understand the importance of welcoming your out-of-town guests!!

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