Need For Proper Ventilation In Grow Rooms
Need For Proper Ventilation In Grow Rooms
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Right ventilation is a necessary factor for the healthy growth of plants. The rest of the factors such as lights, nutrients, etc. may go useless if the ventilation is not proper. Think of how tired and uncomfortable we feel in a poorly ventilated room on a hot day! Now relate it to your plants and just imagine how unhealthy they would be in a similar environment. This article aims to explain how ventilation can be done rightly. Description about various ventilation gadgets like 4-inch inline fan quiet 6-inch clip-on fan, etc. is also provided for better help.

Ventilation- An overview

In simple words, ventilation is the process of regulating the airflow through a room. The heat, humidity, air quality, CO2 levels are all directly dependent on the airflow in and out of the room. Ventilation has more significance when it comes to plants. If you look at online sites like, you will come to know that different plants require different environmental conditions for their growth. So, ventilation in a grow room has to be done with much more care than general ventilation. Here is a good post to read about painting your room

How does ventilation affect your plants?

Plants require a good supply of CO2-rich fresh air. To keep the air fresh, the stale air in the room should be efficiently removed. They need an environment that is moderate in all respects. The failure to maintain these conditions will lead to their poor health or eventual dying out.

Need For Proper Ventilation In Grow Rooms

A Ventilation system for plants- What does it comprise of?

A good ventilation system is comprised of the following components.

  • An extraction system- This system consists of a fan, carbon filter, ducts, and connection parts. The extraction system removes hot and contaminated air from the growing area and supplies fresh air enter with the help of an open vent and fan. If plants are grown under High-Intensity Discharge lamps, then heat is produced by them as well. The extraction system deals with it rightly.
  • Speed controller for fans- Extremely high speeds of fans may be harmful to plants. A speed controller regulates the speed to desired levels.
  • Air circulator- The purpose of a circulator is to create air movement in the whole room including every nook and corner. Clip fans and pedestal fans are ideal for this task.
  • Intake system- The intake system includes fan, ducting, and connection parts. This is the one that complements larger extraction systems, especially in multi-light setups.
  • Bug blocker- This is an additional helpful device that helps in preventing bugs from entering your grow area.

Here are some of the popular fans that are used wised in grow room ventilation systems.

  • Air Circulator Fan – 30cm (12 inches)
  • Air Circulator Fan – 20cm (8 inches)
  • 16-inch Pedestal Fan
  • 16-inch Pedestal Fan
  • 4-inch inline fan

These fans come at reasonable prices and are very efficient in providing good circulation in grow rooms. Fans that are quiet during their operation are the most convenient ones as they do not disturb you with their noise.

Now that you are aware of the need for ventilation, be wise and choose the best one for your plants!