Mistakes to Avoid if You want to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro
Mistakes to Avoid if You want to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro
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DIY is the most cost-effective way you can use to paint your kitchen cabinet. However, the process can be long, tiresome and also result in a poor quality finish. But what happens if you don’t have enough dollars to get your cabinets painted by a professional?

You just need some basic guidance about painting, like color picking but we can guide you about choosing a paint for your kitchen at https://captivatinglychic.com/how-to-pick-a-paint-color-that-everyone-will-love/
or you can watch the below video.

Well, you can always paint them yourself. However, to make sure that you do good work there are some mistakes you need to avoid.

This blog contains mistakes that a lot of painters make before, after and even while painting.

Mistakes you Should Avoid Before You Start Painting.

1.  Painting Without Getting Rid of the Doors and Drawers

painting your kitchen cabinets with the drawers and doors intact will only make the whole process appear untidy. With the help of a screwdriver, you can pull out knobs from the drawers and doors.

However, to avoid confusion after the end of this all, it wise that you tag everything. This will make the assembly very easy.

2.  Skipping the First cleaning Process

Skipping this process will make the cabinet look awful. Over time, grease and stubborn stain build-up on the cabinet’s surface. Applying paint on an unclean surface will be like doing zero work the paint will peel off after a while.

To avoid such mistakes, use a mild soap or disinfectant and a soft cloth to clean your kitchen cabinets.

3.  Skipping the Scraping off part

People prefer painting in an already existing paint, but if you want to achieve a quality finish, then you’ll need to scrap the old paint. You can always do this effect by using paint stripping products.

4.  Ignoring the Imperfections

Imperfections like the holes, scrapes, and cuts are commonly the most dismissed parts. You can always use wood filler to cover such deformities.

5.  Not sanding

Sanding is a very crucial step that if ignored the paint will not end up adhering to the cabinet. See to it that all corners and the entire surface is perfectly sanded. Experts advise that you sand the surface each time you apply a coat, to achieve a sleek finish.

6.  Skipping the Second Cleaning Process

After the sanding process, you are required to clean the surface again just to get rid of the dust produced.

7.  Failing to Identify a Good Drying Site

Failing to identify a good site where your drawers and doors will rest while drying is another huge mistake most painters make. Identify a good drying spot before you even start painting. This step will make the whole process easy and very effective.

Mistakes to Avoid if You want to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro

Mistakes to Avoid During the Painting Process.

1.  Using the Wrong Method

There are three methods used to paint. They are;

  • The paintbrush method – here, the painter only uses a paintbrush to paint the surfaces. This method results in a poor quality finish for it leaves marks of the brush stripes.
  • The paint spray technique – is by far the best method to use. It leaves the surface very smooth and consistent. However, you’ll require good painting skill to use this technique.
  • The roller and brush technique – is the most popular method for it gives a standard finish.

2.  Not Grooming the Cabinets

This mistake is made when you start painting the cabinets without covering the entire surface with a  high-quality primer. Chances are high that the paint will not last long if you skip this step.

3.  Using Thick Paint when Applying First Coat

Using thick paint when applying the first coat might result in the final piece appearing inconsistent. It is recommended to only apply one and even layer at this stage. This should be done after priming and when it dried up.

4.  Dismissing the Second Coat

Many dismiss this part, but if you want to achieve an outstanding finish, then apply the second coat onto the first coat.

Mistakes Made After the Painting Process is Done

1.  Under Estimating the Drying Duration

After painting the surfaces, place the doors and drawers on a rack set on the drying site you created earlier. Allow the pieces to sit there for 24 hours then you are good to go.

2.  Not Assembling Everything well

Just like mentioned earlier, you can avoid this by labelling the knobs, hinges, drawers and door. You don’t want to mess up the painted surface trying to fit a knob on a wrong hinge, or do you?


You don’t need to dry out your bank account to enjoy a million buck kitchen. With the correct tools and procedure, you can DIY like a pro as long as you avoid the mistakes listed above.