Ten of the BIGGEST Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid!

Let’s face it — Wedding planning can be quite overwhelming, stressful and flat out crazy for brides and grooms! There are SO many mistakes that you could make during the planning process and I have compiled my top 10 biggest mistakes that must be avoided!!

Planning weddings probably is not your full time job and certainly not your part time job, so it’s hard for you to understand the in’s and out’s of the industry! There is a reason why wedding planners exist, you just have to find the right one that clicks with you because we all have different styles of planning, design and personalities. Go on a consultation and find out more information on us before you just assume you can’t afford one or you don’t want anyone involved in planning your own wedding because you think you can plan it yourself however, we love to keep our couples involved in all the “fun” parts of the planning process. We are a huge asset to you and your wedding (which I will explain more on another post!!).

1. Not Hiring a Wedding Planner or Coordinator!!

We do a lot behind the scenes especially the day-of your wedding!! We not only ensure a smooth and fun wedding planning process and create a wedding that is perfectly tailored to you as a couple. But, we also are quite the powerhouses on the day-of your wedding so you won’t have to worry about one thing because this is your day and we want you to enjoy every moment!!! We take care of set-up, make sure everything is on schedule throughout the day, problem shoot any issues that arise, breakdown and cleanup too! And, if you think your venue coordinator is going to be as detailed as us, your wrong (and that is another mistake you are making from the start!! Check out this post for a little information on the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator!).

2. Not Setting a Budget!

You absolutely need some idea of how much you are willing to spend on your wedding even before purchasing that gorgeous white dress, the venue, a planner and your photographer! Everything adds up so quickly and if you don’t have a planner managing your budget you can easily go over board!!

3. Booking a Venue Before Creating your Guest List!

What if you book a venue that has a max capacity of 100 people and you then create a guest list of 200!!! That won’t work and you can’t back out of that contract because you most likely put down a non-refundable deposit!!  Create your guest list first my friends!!

4. Booking Vendors Based on Price Only!!

This could end up in a disaster! If you think your going to get amazing photos from a photographer that costs $500 for the entire day, think again!! Or your going to work with an amazing wedding planner and eat delicious food that costs $500, think again!! If you are looking for cheap you will get cheap results, it is just the way it is! There are areas where you can spend less and then you can add more to other important categories but if you don’t have money for a wedding my suggestion is to keep it very small and intimate or elope but make it beautiful, it’s your wedding day!

5. Taking Too Much Time to Make a Decision!

You fell in love with a venue, a photographer, a planner but took 2 or more weeks to make a decision… they may have already booked your date in that time you hesitated!! If you love your vendors right from the start and you have a great feeling about it just do it! Sign the contract and put that deposit in other wise we will not reserve your date and can book someone else and we book up fairly quickly. In New England there are some coastal venues that are fully booked for 2016 and are already booking for 2017… Crazy I know, but you need to be quick with your decisions!

6. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time for Planning!

Just like my statement above — vendors book up quickly and can already be booked a year out… if you decide you want to get married in a 3 months or 1 month it may be very difficult to book the vendors you love. Take your time, and plan the wedding you want and dream of.  There really isn’t a rush, enjoy your engagement and the planning process, if you love each other now you will love each other a year from now; Well, I would hope so! 🙂

7. Not Having a Rain Plan!

You are having an outdoor ceremony, al fresco dining under the stars and the forecast shows rain on your wedding day… What’s your plan B?? You need to have one already in place months prior to your wedding day!!

8. Not Letting Your Vendors Do Their Jobs!

You paid these vendors good money to do their jobs — just let them do it!! They are professionals, right?! They know what they are doing especially if you hired them for their portfolio and expertise!

9. Not Really Reading Over Those Contracts!

If you don’t have a wedding planner to read over your contracts before you see them to ensure they are correct and there isn’t anything there you shouldn’t be signing, then the both of you need to read them over and make sure you understand what you are signing!! You are paying a lot of money for vendors and rentals, you need to know the facts.

10. Not Feeding Your Hardworking Vendors!

Basically, you need to feed the vendors that are there during your wedding, the wedding planner and their team, photographer/s, DJ/Band, etc. We all work very hard and long hours during your wedding and it is proper etiquette that you feed us one meal!